Asia's First Intergenerational Bootcamp (2017)


About the Bootcamp!

This is an intense 2-day programme that will BRIDGE the Millennial, Gender, & Generational Gaps from a personal & professional context, all within an experiential learning environment! For all generations working in a multi-level inter-generational, diverse gender work culture, and especially those becoming aware of the barriers and blockages that stop good communication and creative working practices. Middle managers and new aspiration employees, senior leaders and team players are especially welcome.

Key Focus Areas!

• Develop personal value creation, overriding gender, intergenerational and digital biases.

• Apply interpersonal frameworks that create your success personality from day one on the job.

• Develop a stronger understanding of what intergenerational gaps mean to your organisation.

• Design a Relational Communication System (RCS) that will work for you every time.

• Turn your curiosity, imagination and creative abilities into sustainable, results-oriented skills.

• Effectively engage with Gen X, Gen Y and Boomers in an organisational context.

• Deliver a consistently high ROI without politics or negatively biasing peers and supervisors.

• Develop and optimize upper-level interaction skills, taking the initiative to lead without hesitation.

• Lead your team to more innovative, productive, and sustainable output.

• Maximise yourself with engagement and magical conversations, leading to outstanding results.


• An overall awareness of the differences between gender cultures & generational groups alongside the best practices needed in order to lead and manage diverse teams.

• Increased working synergy & collaboration among diverse groups through mutual respect.

• Greater creative & productive outputs in terms of disruptive creativity and innovation alongside the effective management of rising millennial stars.

Nov 7 - Nov 8, 2017
[ Tue ] - [ Wed ]
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM MYT
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Standard Tickets SOLD OUT RM1,431.00
Venue Address
The Violet Flame, No.7, Jalan Riong, Off Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
Incase you can't find us, call us at +60322829868 or Whatsapp us at +60129868346
Asia's First Consortium of Inter-Generational Experts